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Child Safety

Toronto Airport Limo Child Safety Services

When a customer contacts Pearson’s Toronto Airport Limo service and tells us they will be
traveling with children, they can rest assured because we take child safety very seriously. Our
Toronto taxi service stands head and shoulders above the rest because customers get the best
possible service for their money.
When you call any Toronto Limo taxi service, you want to make certain that all necessary
precautions are taken to ensure the safest and more comfortable ride for you and your child. At
Pearson, our airport Toronto taxi service provides a variety of seats that are required by law. All
you have to do is request one ahead of time and our Toronto airport limo taxi will provide one at
no additional charge to you.
You can be certain of a safe, comfortable ride for your child in one of our airport Toronto limo’s
luxury vehicles. Pearson’s airport Toronto taxi offers child safety seats for all children under
eight years of age who are required by law to be fastened in a seat while driving. Our airport
Toronto taxi service professional chauffeurs are very familiar with installing child safety seats
and make certain that you child is secure and safe once in place.
Pearson’s Toronto airport limo taxi provides this safety measure, or you have the option to may
bring your own. This offer is extended since a child may become fussy in an unfamiliar seat, so
Toronto airport limo taxi offers you the choice.
Pearson’s airport Toronto taxi employs professionally trained, licensed and certified drivers. At
our airport Toronto taxi, our drivers understand how to deal with children and they’re gentle and
kind in their style. When Pearson’s airport Toronto limo has children involved, our experienced,
courteous drivers will see to the child's safety and comfort first.
Our airport Toronto taxi service provides child safety seats that come in front facing, back
facing, and infant car seats. For children less than one year of age and 20 pounds, a child must sit
in a back seat rear-facing chair. Our airport Toronto taxi service always does its best to put your
mind at ease by showing you how each seat works and its features. Both you and your child will
enjoy a stress free ride to your destination. Pearson’s Toronto airport Limo taxi service is the
perfect solution to your travel needs.
There are three sizes available with Pearson’s airport Toronto limo service. Our customers get
clean and sanitized seat with 5-point harness types for security and safety;

Car Seat Infant for 9 kg (20 lbs) baby

Baby Car Seat Toddler for 9 to 18 kg baby

Baby Car Seat Booster for 18 to 36 kg baby
Please request a car seat at the time of your reservation and we’ll do the rest to make your trip
enjoyable, comfortable and child safe. If reserving online, mention it in the